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From YouTube's #1 Expert on Magazine Publishing, get immediate access to an online library of explainer videos, resources, templates, ideas, cheat sheets, and real life examples for magazine self-publishers to grow their business.

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Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Figuring Out The Business of Magazine Publishing All On Your Own? 
Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
Finally, get the ideas, inspiration, and answers you're looking for from YouTube's Top Authority on Magazine Publishing, Jen DeVore Richter.
Swipe and deploy tested email messages to land high-quality Contributors and Advertisers.
Access dozens of real -life examples of ads and social media posts for inspiration on how to get Subscribers.
Watch never-before seen videos from Jen to get the answers you've been looking for without paying coaching fees.
Access a proprietary checklist of over 50+ ways to maximize your magazine PR, marketing, and sales opportunities!
Have you been frustrated trying to figure out the business of magazine publishing?

Do you need ideas on landing top-quality contributors, advertisers, and subscribers?

You're in the right place and you're not alone!

The magazine publishing industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and there has never been one place to go to for support...until now!
And right now, you can access it at a fraction of the cost of paying Jen to be your publisher or coach!
You'd Never Guess... But The Magazine Publishing Industry Is Booming!
The global newspaper and magazine publishers market grew from $198.11 billion in 2022 to $203.17 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of 1.5% and is expected to reach $215.65 billion in 2027. The magazine industry is growing, and now is the perfect time to start!
Here's how it works...
Pay a one-time sign up and get lifetime access to the Digital Vault just for Magazine Self-Publishers. This is NOT a course. It is an online Digital Vault that you can benefit from no matter where you are in the publishing journey. This is self-paced content.
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Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Know exactly what to say when emailing potential contributors or PR firms and asking them to write articles for free. Copy/paste and customize.
  • ​Know exactly what to say to advertisers when trying to land sponsorships by accessing our example email outreach campaign and seeing high converting media kits.  
  • ​Access copyright free "swipe files" of a proven email drip campaign to welcome digital subscribers and integrate it into your own system. 
  • Feel confident creating social media & email marketing promotional campaigns by accessing a catalog of real-life examples to grow subscribers. We are adding to this folder weekly!
  •  See how to leverage your magazine as a "foot in the door" business strategy with ideas for landing more referral and other business opportunities.
  •  Access examples of magazine sign-up pages, podcast ads, PR pitches, billboards, and other marketing ideas.
My clients pay us thousands per month for this information, but the Digital Vault is 


So, what happens after I sign up?
You will be granted immediate access to the Digital Vault. Since this is not a course, you can access every module at anytime. Updates happen regularly and are included at no charge.
What if I have a question?
You will also be granted access to the Instant Media Mogul™ Facebook Group where Jen answers questions from members and clients at no additional cost.
What’s the big payoff?
The long-term benefits of implementing the ideas shared in the Digital Vault, are that you could build a business as a magazine publisher and finally achieve the financial and time freedom you want. In the short term, you will get answers to your most pressing questions at a fraction of the cost of hiring Jen for coaching or as your publisher.
Will you show me how to land advertisers?
Absolutely. You will access proven scripts and templates so you know how to approach businesses and ask for sponsor support.

Can I see examples of successful magazine publishers?
Of course, you will access our case studies as well as a folder of real-life examples of publishing success.

Do you show me what I need to have built for my website and marketing?
Yes, you will get access to all of our recommended resources for magazine self-publishers many of which are free or inexpensive to use. The resource list alone will save you hours of time versus trial and error on your own.
Can I really do this on my own?
We have provided all of the information Jen shares with her private publishing and coaching clients and only what works. If implemented, you have the best chance of success versus figuring it on your own. Your results are your responsibility.

How is this different from other programs?
This is the ONLY program in the world designed just for magazine self-publishers. There is nothing else on the market like it. Guaranteed.

Will you show me how to land big-name contributors?
You can use our template emails to reach out to PR firms and writers who will provide content for free if you know what to say.
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